Since it’s Women’s Day, and we are reminded that gender inequality still runs deep in much of the world, it’s pertinent to speculate what the world would be like if the majority of our leaders were women. Would a female-dominated political leadership, for example, be less trigger happy and less in thrall to the military industrial complex? Would a business world led by mothers be more inclined to put people before profit? Not that there’s anything wrong with profit – but it would be good if people didn’t have to live in poverty and even die just so shareholders could maximise their gains.

MSCI, the market index provider, has published research showing that public companies with women on their boards are less likely to be hit by scandals such as bribery, fraud or shareholder battles. The research found that boards with gender diversity above and beyond regulated mandates or market norms had fewer instances of governance-related scandals.  “There is a clear pattern between having higher than mandated percentages of women on boards and fewer governance-related controversies,” the report said.

This women’s day, the region with arguably the most striking examples of gender inequality – the Middle East – has given us the perfect illustration of how far we still have to go; the video now circulating of the Lebanese television host Rima Karaki being told to shut up by a bullying oafish Sunni (so-called) scholar.


Let’s hope this video goes viral and exposes the masquerade of fanatical clerics and scholars whose dangerous attitudes subjugate women and make idols out of people like Bin Laden; who whip up hatred of western values and exploit youth unemployment as a means of giving young people something to believe in.

You can read more on the Rima Karaki interview here:

and here’s some other Women’s Day-related stuff:




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